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So What is this All Laser, One Step, No Touch Procedure

Trans-epiLASIK is a true all laser, one step, no touch laser vision correction procedure. An advanced procedure evolved from epi-LASIK, trans-epiLASIK is a faster and simpler procedure compared to the conventional cut-and-flap LASIK. Without involving any cutting and creation of a cornea flap, trans-epiLASIK is the preferred, safer choice. Learn more about trans-epiLASIK!

A Second Chance at Truly Clear Vision

Clear vision is undoubtedly something that we, those who are shortsighted wish we could regain once more. Patients that are not suitable for LASIK due to myopia and thin cornea can now achieve clear vision with Trans-epiLASIK. Learn about it more here!

The Preferred Choice of the Informed Generation

Increasingly more people are choosing trans-epiLASIK as their preferred choice of vision-corrective surgery over the conventional LASIK method. Learn about the benefits of Clearvision’s trans-epiLASIK!